How do I redeem a voucher?

Instructions for implementing vouchers, either  PIN's you can always find under our offer. If you need help, please contact with support at: support@fast-premium.com

If i buy acces for 30 days for example to filesonic my account will be charged again in next month?

Your credit card will NOT get recharged once your account expires!

What is the best program for downloading files?

The best program is jDownloader, which can be downloaded from http://jdownloader.org recommend it to all our customers who buy from us access to more than 16 hosting services.

Why i can't browse the files on hosting services?

Not everyone wants to get his files were publicly available, you can download only the file to which you link

Can I resume my downloads?

Of course, this function is granted to users with premium status.

How secure are the files you put in the hosting services?

Files that you place are only available to you.

Why my files are disappear?

Your files can be deleted as soon as we receive notification of fraud or copyright infringement.

I sent some files to the server, but I do not see them?

Everything depends on traffic on the site and the volumes of people who sent their files. We try to do it as soon as possible for several minutes.

The answers to these questions are general, which apply to all services that it resells.